2 years and counting...

Yesterday was the kids' 2 year anniversary of arriving at CVE... 
2 years ago my world was flipped upside down :: all for the better. 
Jesus has taught me some very important lessons through these little kiddos and it's been one of my greatest honors in this life to be able to care for them as if they were my own. 
I remember when they got here thinking "How in the world am I ever going to do this!?!" 
And most days I'm still saying that, but now I have 2 years of experience with God sustaining me/us every step of the way knowing He will continue. 

the perfect place :: Casimiro's Orchard

Chui turned 3 last week. Where oh where has the time gone....? 
I am so over doing birthday parties. I know my kids like them. I know all kids like them. But really, it's not something that I like throwing a lot of extra energy into.  
This year for a birthday party I opted to just having a picnic somewhere fun with Fernando and Ricardo (Cris, Laura & Chui's older brothers). It ended up being a super fun couple hours of sibling laughter and memories made. I asked Limon if he knew of a fun spot to go and hang out for a while. Boy, did he ever deliver! Here's a party below. :-] 

The kiddos went swimming a canal that goes all way around and about through this amazing orchard. 

 Cris & Laura helped me make cake pops instead of birthday cake. Easier for transportation and no additional plates or silverware was needed. (Winning!)

 This was Mani's "smile" face..... not quite sure.
 Casimiro owns the orchard. He's got everything. And was a super talkative, funny old guy.  The girls loved listening to him go on and on about all his stories. 
 I can't remember what this was called but it's a cross between a grapefruit and a lime I'd say. SUPER yummy stuff!

 Fresh, organic pomegranates -- yes, be jealous.  They were d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. 

 Cris lost her flipflip in the part of the canal where Casimiro told the kids not to go. In other words, it was full of mud and you'll get stuck -- or you'll lose your shoes.  Which proved to be correct. Fernando is such a great older brother and offered to help her retrieve it. 

 Birthday boy drank more lemonade than a 3 year old should ever be allowed to drink. 

 Annual birthday picture -- he's so stinkin' big!
 Birthday present time! He was SO excited this year to open his gifts. Last year he didn't really 'get' that it was his birthday -- this year... oh my, for weeks he was saying "is today my birthday? no? tomorrow?" haha he was READY. 

 Chui is forever dressing up in my old dresses when the girls want to. I decided he needed some proper 'boy dress up' clothes so he got a cape & mask and a few other dress up things as well. 
As you can see, even the adults like dressing up ;-]

 Laura too!

Thank you Jesus for a simple splendid afternoon :-]