Snip Bit from IL

One night while i was home i actually took pictures. 
i actually USED my camera? 
yes, yes, i know.... i have a decently nice camera and yet for my last several trips home it's never made it out of the traveling case. 
tisk tisk on me. 
but this time i had some fun little subjects to document. :-] 
 Lucy if you were any more stinkin' adorable... SERIOUSLY.

 SO mad at myself that i had my aperture turned too low on this picture... it would have been PERFECT had Jace actually been in focus!
 Connor & Owen... i can hardly believe you boys young men are as big as you are.  i still remember when you Steidingers got you and you had mohawks! 
Dixie Lou watching us from the window. :-] 

ExpoEsperanza 2014

These are raw very random and unedited pictures. Excuse the glares and bad colors. Just enjoy the smiles of the kids! 
We had our annual ExpoEsperanza (our version of 4-H) here a few weeks ago.  The kids LOVE it!  There are a variety of different projects ranging from salsas and tortillas to electronic stuff.  It's so interesting and fun to watch the kids get creative and go at it!  Thank you to all the AMAZING, and yet I will say it again, AMAZING summer staff volunteers we had this summer. 

Laura got to wear some cowgirl boots and was SO excited! haha so i said we needed a boot picture together :) <3 

All our household projects.  Lots of paintings and cooking and drawings and coloring and pictures with a side of cows and sheep and chickens and dogs and piano playing and singing for dessert.  It was a successful, busy Expo to say the least! 

waiting in line to get judged

Nasty bug collections that I know some people think are just WAY cool.... I just get the heebeegeebiez! 

Gozalo's cow had a conniption while he was showing it! But he held control the whole time. it was quite the sight to see!

Absolutely LOVE this picture of Theresa looking at Alan. <3 adorable! Thanks for traveling all the way down here to judge guys! we LOVED having you here!
Ramses' cow kept butting up again Belem's so she was having to body slam the thing to get him to move.  It was quite comical!

All business :-]
Local vet helping judge horses.


Jorge lost his first tooth during Expo so i snapped his picture :-]
Baners were also here for Expo and the amazing moment of Reese & Laura finally meeting took place.  Lots of memories were packed into a few short days.  Oh, and Chui fell in love - literally, like his first crush, with Reese too. Watch out Jon! ;-]

She is seriously SUCH a cheeser for the camera, it's ridiculous!


Perhaps I'll get a few more pics from the Expo uploaded on here if I can keep getting decent internet :-]

Because of Jesus...