Little Miracle & Children's Museam

On Saturday morning Zach & Daniela welcomed their little 2nd child into this world! Angus Enoc Knobloch Robles is doing wonderfully and so is Mama praise Jesus!
 Proud Aunties Belem & Beli
 He was so content while we went to visit him.  We got there about 3 hours after he was born. The girls were super excited to see their new nephew.  Beli was a little hesitant to hold him but Belem loved it! :-] Welcome to the CVE family little Angus!
After leaving the hospital we took a trip the Hermosillo to the Children's Museum and to pick up Marce from the airport. Andrea accompanied us and we all had a great time between coughs and meds.  Unfortunately Chui & Laura came down with a nasty respiratory infection thing and weren't feeling 100% but that did not stop them from having a great time at the museum. Chui loved it!

 this was definitely a favorite of Laura & Chui's. they played with this thing for probably a good 1/2 hour throughout our whole trip there.

 they had a little walmart store where the kids got 'money' and got to go shopping! it was great!

 a bed of nails! YIKES!

 not so sure.... lol

we had a great day. 
our evening/night... not so much. poor Chui was just exhausted and couldn't sleep well in his beloved carseat. unfortunately it was a 2 hour drive that consisted of him sleeping for 10-15 minute intervals and then screaming bloody murder for around 2-3 minutes. it was rough. but everyone handled it in good stride and we made it home all in one piece. full of snot & germs of course. 
you can pray for the kids to return to health soon and that it doesn't hit marce or i full force. i've been feeling ok but definitely have something starting. i'm hoping it just passes right by and doesn't hang on like it is with the little kids. we're doing lots of vitamin C and meds at this point. 
thanks for the prayers! 

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