Life has taken many turns lately.  If you are a close friend or family member of mine, you know what a lot of those turns have been for me.  If you’re not, this post will be pretty vague for you and you might not understand everything in it. Bare with me; this is more of a post for me to look back on and remember. J

So back to the turns.   About 7 weeks life got pretty messy – errr… uncertain – around these parts very quickly.  I found myself in a place in life where I could barely breath.  I was scared.  I was hurting.  I was desperate for a miracle.  I would catch myself praying these prayers of acceptance to a future of hurt and change and then the next minute be praying for a miracle - asking God to do what seemed like the impossible, but with the faith and courage knowing that He very well could & would do it, just for His glory’s sake.  I was all over the page.  I couldn’t find a balance between having faith in knowing He was able to change our situation and being realistic in where the future seemed to be heading.  It was wearing and miserable.  God saves every tear we cry – and in those 7 weeks I cried a lot of them.  And though I am still crying, they are not the same type of tears as they were then.  My new tears are from a thankful, humbled heart.  They are from a mother’s heart that will never be the same.  Instead of tears from pain and desperation, my heart is overjoyed with tears of a hopeful future and the undeserving Love of a God that I can barely describe with words.

He is Good. 

I got the miracle I was boldly asking for... even as I typed that last sentence out I am just utterly amazed.  I have no idea why - but more importantly, I don't need to know.  I am learning to just simply take in every moment that's been gifted to me where I am in life right now and be thankful

Would God still have been good had He opted to have my future go the route I was so fearing?  Without a doubt.  He's not Good because He 'gave me what I asked for' -- He is Good because He knew this was the best outcome for this specific situation.  And He's Good because He is perfect and doesn't make mistakes. 

Are you thankful for even the small things in your life?  Take the smile of your child for instance?  Or perhaps after they've dressed themselves for school and then get toothpaste spilled down their shirt?  Can you be thankful in that moment? (that's one that happened to us yesterday here :-])  Are you thankful for the hot water you used when you took your daily (sometimes-twice-a-day) shower?  How 'bout those nice shoes on your feet?  It's so easy to go through life and not even realize how unthankful we are.  I am trying to realize just how much God has given me, and see all the things I have to be thankful for.  Big or small, they are a reason to Praise Him. 

So whether He has given you a miracle recently or whether He is taking you through some nitty gritty right now, find reasons to be thankful.  It will make a world of difference in your daily walk with Him. 

Because of Jesus... 

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  1. Praising and thanking the Lord for His faithfulness and awesome provision of the miracle. May it ever be for His name and His glory.